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TravelPimp at Rokuon-ji, Kyoto
TravelPimp at Library of Celsus, Ephesus
TravelPimp in Kamikawa Subprefecture, Hokkaido, Japan
TravelPimp on the United Airlines Island Hopper, Micronesia
TravelPimp on the Mount Evans Scenic Byway
TravelPimp at the Sirkeci Train Station
In a Plane
On a Train
In a Car
In the Cold
In the Heat
"The open road still softly calls like a nearly forgotten song of childhood."    Carl Sagan

Albert Einstein taught us that time is relative and that when an object (me or the apple of my eye, for example) moves, time moves more slowly than for an object standing still (say, the wallet I regularly forget at home).*  So, I’ve tried to keep moving my entire life – even if it’s “moving the needle” or being “moved to tears.” But, I may have gotten ahead of myself.  Let me start a bit more at the beginning.

Hey, “how you doin’?” LOL

You’ve wandered into my travel blog, so time may have slowed a bit during your journey to get here – well done.  Allow me then to use this stolen moment to share with you my travel experiences and anecdotes.  In the end, I hope to entertain you, fuel the travel bug within, and to leave you with a smile.

* Yes, I recognize that this is an oversimplification of Einstein's theory of special relativity.   :)   And, I genuinely appreciate that you are here. Stay with me my friend and let's discover things about the world together.

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