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Douglas Adams once wrote, “In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.”  ROTFL.

The genesis of TravelPimp was simply to create a placeholder for my travel resources.  I needed somewhere I could store my travel planning hyperlinks. Over time my friends asked me for my URL and I happily shared my nondescript Geocities page.  Version two of the blog blended my resource list with some of my travel notes.  This, the third iteration of my travel resources site shares my travel experiences delivered in a blog format. 


It’s pretty obvious that my travel experiences tend to revolve around food, a bit of libation, sprinkled with some history, and a healthy dose of curiosity - all set to the colors, smells and the grace of our world.

It is in this context that I may be available to collaborate with you – help me feed the beast. Some of the traditional ways we might work together include brand ambassadorship, freelance writing, hotel or restaurant review, influencer/press trip, and product review (either travel or libation).  I am also willing to consider some less traditional (more innovative) ideas that fit in my wheelhouse.  So, drop me a note and let’s see if we can reach a mutually beneficial arrangement.

And, while I wait to hear from you, you can find me at “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.”

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