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"When you come to a fork in the road... take it."    Yogi Berra

If you're on Instagram you can find and connect with me @pacifictravelblogger  Please follow me, like the posts that you like, and if you have an experience with one of my posts (or in the destination that it depicts) share them with us all by commenting.  I try my best to respond to all comments to posts.  I am admittedly a bit slower at responding to private Instagram messages because of the sheer volume of spam I have to wade through.

If you need to find me on the internet - we are ignoring the fact that you're here at the moment - you can find, bookmark and connect with me at three different URLs -, and


If you'd like to contact me by email, please use the form on this page and I'll try to respond as soon as practicable.  

View from the window on the Island Hopper flight.

I'd love to hear from you and your travel experiences and recommendations. 


Travel and tourism-related sponsorships, endorsements and invitations are also welcome.

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Revenue generating links.


My love of travel comes with a price, regrettably. The only thing I get for free is a trip around the sun each year, sporadic trips over stuff that shouldn't be on my floor, and every once in awhile, getting tripped up in conversation (there may be some scotch whiskey involved).  As a consequence, when a travel resource offers me the ability to generate revenue to support my nomadic lifestyle, I include them on the site. I only include revenue-generating links to resources and services that I use or would recommend. And, the revenue paid to me does not increase the cost of any affiliate service or product offered to you. 

Terms of use of this website.


By your access to this website you fully agree with the Terms of Use as articulated in our Terms of Use Agreement. For this reason, it is important that you review the Terms of Use Agreement carefully. Also, if you are not of legal age to form a binding contract where you live you may not access the Website. Sorry to be a bummer, but between government regulators and sometimes nonsensical rulings from courts, this is necessary.  The Terms of Use were last revised on July 1, 2020. 


Our privacy policy.


While this site is really just a hobby, your privacy is still important to me. Consequently, TravelPimp has a privacy policy to explain what kinds of information the site and its services see and retain, as well as how we handle the information. Please read our privacy policy by pointing your cursors here.

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