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"Floyd could imagine a dozen things that could go wrong; it was little consolation that it was always the thirteenth that actually happened."    Arthur C. Clarke, 2010: Odyssey Two

Travel is supposed to be a rewarding, even educating, experience. Unfortunately, trip cancellations, lost baggage, illness or injury, and other unexpected troubles can turn what should have been a fulfilling time into a horror show. I have been stranded by canceled flights, and typhoons and once had a weekend trip turn into surgery and three weeks in a hospital in a foreign country. For times like these - at least to minimize the monetary loss and chaos that oftentimes accompanies - there is travel insurance. 

World Nomads


Get travel insurance, coverage for adventure activities, trip cancellation, emergency medical expenses and medical transportation, gear protection and more from World Nomads. Additionally, World Nomads provides coverage for residents of countries and territories that sometimes get omitted from other travel insurance plans, like Guam.


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Some Emergency Help Resources


Emergencies and requests for help should be directed to your nearest Embassy/Consulate. Here is a random list for various nationalities:


Australia | Canada |​ China |​ France |​ Ireland | Israel | Japan | Malaysia | New Zealand | Singapore

South Africa | Sweden | Turkey | United Kingdom | United States | All Others (through


Australian citizens can contact the Consular Emergency Center at +61 2 6261 3305

Singaporean citizens can contact the MFA duty officer at +65 6379-8800

US citizens you may also try Overseas Citizens Services at +1 202-501-4444


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - travel health warnings and advice

US Department of State - international travel information, alerts and advisories.

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