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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."    Mark Twain
Time Travel

I am, admittedly, a travel addict. My parents are ardent travelers and my sister and I spent our youth traveling around Europe in a station wagon (that's me rockin' the lederhosen) and moving from duty station to duty station while my Dad was in the service. When I got old enough to drive I spent my fair share of time traveling the U.S. in my VW Jetta, flying whenever I could afford it, and riding Amtrak's shuttle up and down the East Coast.


For me there are few pleasures that match waking up in a foreign place, with its different smells, sounds, and weather; and the adventure that comes with the constant discovery of things unfamiliar. It doesn't matter if I'm in a bucket list destination, staying at an amazing resort, or taking a drive to a town I don't know much about and staying in budget accommodations.  I can't get enough of it and have subjected my kids to living out of suitcases, spending inordinate amounts of time in airplanes and visiting as many places as real life has allowed, in the hopes of keeping the modern vagabond tradition alive.


I travel, first and foremost, for the human experience. Food, drink, history, architecture, anthropology - all of these things - enrich my life and those of my kids.  And travel helps me to understand, from my own perspective, how my neighbors live and think.  And, I write about it.


Hopefully, you'll enjoy my travel stories. But, more importantly, I hope the ideas you derive from my experiences help you to plan your own adventures.  I wouldn't be called TravelPimp if I wasn't selling you somethin'. :)


"Stay curious, be kind, and enjoy the moment." Jehan Martinez aka TravelPimp

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