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New Year, New Journeys: A Greeting

Updated: Mar 31

As the sunset of 2023 disappears beyond the horizon, I wish you a 2024 filled with uncharted journeys and yet untold stories.

Reflecting on the past year, amidst the world's struggles, I find immense gratitude for the remarkable moments of 2023. There were numerous instances where I found solace in the words of Tom Robbins, humorously praying to "Elmer, the Greek god of glue," to hold it all together. It was most certainly the kindness of strangers, love from those I love, and a bit of Scotch whisky that firmly tipped the scales towards happiness over melancholy.

To you, I wish a year overflowing with exploration and limitless possibilities—a year where we, as fellow travelers, embrace gratitude, kindness, and the relentless pursuit of wisdom.

Let me close with some sage advice, origin unknown:

"Approach the new year as if you're entering a room where you've forgotten what you came for: with curiosity and a touch of amusement. And if you stumble upon kindness along the way, consider it an unexpected treasure on your list."

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