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Food and shelter in Angeles City

Updated: Mar 27

Angeles is an interesting city with golf, casinos, horseback riding, an international airport - and, as it turns out, some good restaurants and hotels.

Food and shelter in Angeles City
Amante Ribs and Steaks, Clark EZ

Periodically, about once every couple of years, my work takes me to the Philippines, specifically to the area north of Manila. Due to the significant decrease in infrastructure beyond Pampanga province, Angeles City has become my preferred base and jumping-off point for these trips. In this article, I'll share insights into my food and lodging experiences in and around Angeles City. I won't venture into drinking establishments, since most seem to me to be too much like the Mos Eisley Cantina, or are otherwise unremarkable.

As a foodie (perhaps you’ve noticed), my life seems to revolve around restaurants - and Angeles has a few that I have enjoyed, and a few that I haven’t. Let’s take a look at the restaurants I have enjoyed:

  • Amante Ribs and Steaks (Gil Puyat Avenue corner Panday Pita, Clark Freeport Zone) - I already wrote a bit about this excellent restaurant in my post entitled "Another Philippine Adventure." I look forward to another meal at Amante the next time my travels permit.

  • Amare by Chef Chris (Royce Hotel and Casino, Manuel A. Roxas Hwy, Clark Freeport Zone) - this nice Italian cuisine restaurant is located in the Royce Hotel and Casino. It's a bit pricier than most Angeles restaurants I have experienced, but the food is quite good. I really enjoyed the Rollizza Amare and Cossa Arrabiata, as well as picking at the grilled Italian Sausage in wine sauce from my colleague's plate. Ultimately, however, it was the lemon cheesecake was the show-stopper for me.

  • Tequila Reef (Block 3A Lot 7, A. Santos St., corner Real St, Balibago, Angeles) - I enjoy Mexican food, particularly the standbys; Fajitas, Nachos, and Burritos. But Tequila Reef has a much more extensive menu that crosses several food genres, from Mexican to Italian to Americana. As a consequence, finding something to eat is easy, and the food is pretty good.

  • Chef’s Gone Wild (3rd floor, Lucky Building, MacArthur Highway Balibago, Angeles) - I don't think I'm going out on a limb by suggesting that I have had my favorite burger in the Philippines here. There are also a number of familiar-sounding dishes (baby-back ribs, etc.) on the menu with a Filipino twist. So, if you like things a little sweet and well done, you'll likely appreciate Chef's Gone Wild.

  • Hotel and Restaurant Swiss Chalet (A. Santos Street corner Real Street, Balibago, Angeles City) - I enjoy German cuisine, and lucky for me, Angeles has a restaurant that delivers the Wunderbar in my lederhosen (I know that makes no sense but it sounded better than yodeling in my bauch). Swiss Chalet's restaurant does a nice job with many favorites, including Schweisbraten with Spätzli, Kassler Braten, and Jägerschnitzel.

  • Angry Crab ( 343 Brazos St., Anunas, Angeles) - I like crab, and Angry Crab cooks it up in a lot of ways I like it. Without sounding too much like Forest Gump, they've got steamed crab, chili crab, fried crab... lol, you get my drift. Plus the buttered shrimp and small tempura shrimp are also very nice, particularly with a cold beer.

Lodging in the Philippines can be hit or miss by a very wide margin, even with my easy attitude about what is passable – pretty much cleanliness is all it takes. But Angeles has challenged even the low bar I have set on what is adequate. This has led me to compile a list of hotels where I've had enjoyable stays, along with some recommendations from friends.

Hotel and Restaurant Swiss Chalet (A. Santos Street corner Real Street, Balibago, Angeles City) - I first stayed at this hotel when hotel rooms in Angeles were, for whatever reason, hard to find. The rates were good and the rooms were clean, albeit, other than the depiction of Chamois Ragwort-covered Alpine meadows painted on what seemed to be every flat surface of the room, sparsely equipped. But the hotel has a great restaurant and a reasonably-priced private car shuttle service to Manila, so I've stayed here more than once.

Park Inn by Radisson Clark (SM City Clark, Manuel A. Roxas Ave Clark Freeport Zone) - Last year, my daughter and I stayed at the Park Inn during her adventure weekend in the Philippines. As expected from an international chain, the hotel was immaculate, well-equipped, and extremely comfortable.

The Lewis Grand Hotel (Don Juico Avenue, Malabanias, Angeles City) - I first stayed at the Lewis Grand while it was still under construction. A colleague and I were in town for an aerial survey involving a Cessna 172, copious amounts of orange soda, a typhoon named Frank, and some sickness – but that's a tale for another time. My room was spacious, clean, and well-equipped. Room service was lacking, which I attributed to the hotel's unfinished state. Unfortunately, room service hadn't improved during my second stay – so if that's important to you, you might want to consider other accommodations. Nevertheless, the well-designed, equipped rooms and cleanliness keep this hotel high on my list for Angeles.

The Fields Plaza Hotel (MacArthur Highway, Balibago, Angeles) - this, and its companion hotel, ABC Hotel (Don Juico Avenue, Angeles), get rave reviews from friends and colleagues who have regular business in Angeles. They insist, even after thorough interrogation over Scotch whiskey, that the hotels are well-designed, immaculately clean, and well-equipped. Hence (and I don't get to use the word as often as I'd like), these hotels have made my happy list.

Angeles is an interesting city with golf, casinos, horseback riding, an international airport - and, as it turns out, some good restaurants and hotels. Masiyahan.

(The photograph, such that it is, was taken by me. All rights reserved.)

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